The base of the body is wide, rooted. Don’t move unnecessarily. The upper body is straight, without being stiff, confident and open to everything that can happen around you: in front, behind, on the sides, above and below, everything is fine.

This is a new year of your existence. A year in which you can write the most wonderful happiness and learn from all your mistakes too. Serenely.

A year made of billions of present moments fully lived.

A year rich in meetings and farewells.

A year surrounded by love, friendship, health, kindness and, above all, serenity. Of solitude, of silences, of vast immaculate lands.

A year that makes you grow, we never stop.

A year that roots you in your existence and at the same time opens wide the wings of your dreams, including the most unheard of… but the simplest ones too…

A year of wonder. Living in wonder is probably the most beautiful. Never forget that you were a child for whom anything was possible.

A year made of forgiveness, this forgiveness that one sometimes owes to oneself, sometimes to others. For there will come a time when it will be too late to forgive.

A year to say “I love you”, “you mean to me”, “thank you”, “you are precious”, before it’s too late to say that too.

A year made of your fragilities and your flaws, because it is through the flaws that the light enters and through the fragilities that we learn to love each other.

A year where your tears can be wiped away. The land of tears is beautiful: even the bitterest can teach you. May you share your tears and, even in these drops of despair, fatigue, humility, contemplate deep in your sensitive beauty.

A year of hope and beauty.

In your hands already lies everything you need to draw it.

And then, without limits, share it.

You are beautiful, you are precious, you are important. You are loved.